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Latest from the Blog

  • Around The Stars
    Happy birthday Melchida. This is for you.
  • Frontiers Of The Mind
    The light greets dark in her eyes Her voice, like balm, soothes the apocalypse sky They wander, the dead seeking life On the wind that carries their flame On the road to exile we trod countless miles Striding purposefully towards the light Yet the dark is our first and last love A circle in theContinue reading “Frontiers Of The Mind”
  • Tempest
    Dusty winds are the emblem of death It rides on the wings of a dark raven Tides roll across, whispering forgotten tales to the weary soldiers And the howl of a lone wolf signals the end of time A bleak mountain, the fist of an empathetic god Stands between them and the violent tempest ThatContinue reading “Tempest”