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  • Void
    Chains forged from rusted mail Creak in the howling wind Stray mortals veer far off Begging the dust to tell them the way A new star rises on dunes of destruction wreaked by frail hands Bringing a feeble light to the barren void In this the scrolls unfold A whisper beckons to the demon inContinue reading “Void”
  • Crystals
    Breathe in the dark winds of the empty night And let its majesty haunt all who come hither. A story is told here, Of the men who seek the grail. The smoke leads to fire,which burns bright yet consumes none A stir in the wind Brings forth myths and legends Iron altars desecrated by defiantContinue reading “Crystals”
  • West Wind
    Let the smell of burning sage flood your essence And free your soul to the heavens. Travel on the battered ship into the mist of old And begin the walk down the path to Eden. The howl of the northern wind tells stories of blood,fire and rain And the faint of heart begin to seekContinue reading “West Wind”
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